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Haug, I.; Setaro, S. & Suarez, J.P. (2013): Reforestation sites show similar and nested AMF communities to an adjacent pristine forest in a tropical mountain area of South Ecuador . PLOS ONE 8, e63524

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Abstract: Arbuscular mycorrhizae are important for growth a...
Keywords: | forest | reforestation | AM fungi |
Hertel, T. (2012): Tree Seed Procurement and Management in the Province of Loja Institute of Silviculture, Technische Universität München, master thesis

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Abstract: South America hosts 22% of the world´s forests wi...
Haug, I.; Wubet, T.; Weiß, M.; Aguirre, N.; Weber, M.; Günter, S. & Kottke, I. (2010): Species-rich but distinct arbuscular mycorrhizal communities in reforestation plots on degraded pastures and in neighboring pristine tropical mountain rain forest. Tropical Ecology 51, 125-148.

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Abstract: Abstract: For the first time in tropical mountain...
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